Earlier this year the committee appointed a sub-committee to look at the club rules with a view to bringing them up to date and to sort out some inconsistencies that had developed over the years as the rules were occasionally amended.

The sub-committee recommended that a completely new set of rules, based on the latest Bowls England model constitution for clubs should be developed. The sub-committee then produced a draft set of new rules for the committee’s approval and after a few changes these have been finalised.

The current club rules state that any rule changes need to be approved at a General Meeting and so the committee has now agreed that new rules should be proposed for adoption at the next AGM in November.

It is the committee’s intention to propose the new rules are approved “en-block” as it would be impractical to detail and approve each individual change, although it is intended to produce a summary of the key differences.

In order to give the members plenty of time to consider the proposed rules a copy is available here to read and let me, or any committee member, have any comments you may have.


David Crookes