The FBC Draw will operate as a Private Society Lottery as defined by the Gambling Act 2005 and will only be open to club members.

The Draw will be run on an annual basis with 13 draws per annum, one for each calendar month plus a Christmas Draw in December. There will be two prizes on each draw. On the monthly draws: 1st Prize - 35% of monthly subscriptions, 2nd Prize - 15%. Christmas Draw: 1st Prize - 40% of monthly subscriptions,2nd Prize - 20%.
It is expected that the FBC Draw will commence with the February 2023 draw on Friday 3rd March.

Members are invited to take part by subscribing £2 per month per draw number.
You may have multiple numbers in the Draw.

Entrants must complete an application form which is available in the clubhouse or downloaded here. Please return completed form to FBC Club Secretary.