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As the outdoor season comes to an end the club would like to bring members up to date on plans for the indoor season. Our plans have been driven by member feedback from the recent survey, government Covid19 regulations and EIBA (English Indoor Bowling Association) guidelines. We are expecting to provide a full season of bowling whilst meeting all the precautionary guidelines.

The club has already implemented Covid19 precautions for the outdoor season e.g. sanitiser stations, segregating tables, one-way routes and the automatic sanitising machine, so here are the headline changes for the indoor season:

Entry to clubhouse

  • The club recommends wearing face masks when entering the clubhouse but they do not have to be worn whilst bowling or eating/drinking at the bar.
  • Members to maintain social distancing of 2 metres within club premises.
  • Only bowling members, social members and potential new members to enter clubhouse. Visitors not to be allowed in during the current pandemic.


  • Additional ventilation fans to be installed on indoor rink walls. This will create fresh air flow exceeding EIBA and government requirements for 12 players to be on the rinks.
  • On-line booking system for roll-ups. Roll-up slots have to be booked in advance.
  • Rink fees can be paid by usual cash envelope or by new card payment terminals at rink ends.
  • Tables & tub chairs will be removed from rink end and stored elsewhere
  • Changing space/seats for players to be created by Rink 1 & Rink 2
  • Spectators will be limited to sectioned off tables & chairs against bar wall
  • Additional sanitiser dispensers installed at rink ends

Bowling Activity

  • Roll-up dress code throughout season to lessen need to enter changing rooms
  • Singles, pairs and triples games only – MAX of 6 players per rink
  • Bowling mats to be permanently in place to avoid touching. Mats to be placed touching T towards rink ends. Any jack or ball hitting the mat whilst in play is unavoidable
  • No killing ends. Re-spot is now first dot away from T
  • No casting of jack – to be placed by foot wherever possible
  • When changing ends players to keep to wall side of rinks
  • Evening time slots changed to 6pm – 7.30pm & 7.45pm – 9.15pm


  • Complete 2019/2020 competitions as far as possible in October
  • No internal club competitions 2020/2021
  • No national club competitions to be entered
  • No Wessex League

A programme of new afternoon and evening leagues has been created together with a new singles league on a Sunday. Based on member feedback we have changed the evening games to start from 6pm and only last 90mins so that the late finish should be 9.15pm rather than 10.30pm.

Indoor Leagues

  • Mon/Tues afternoon – Drawn Triples (2 wood)
  • Mon/Tues evening – Drawn Triples (2 wood)
  • Wed evenings – Open Pairs (4 wood)
  • Thur/Fri afternoon – Drawn Pairs (3 wood)
  • Thur/Fri evening – Drawn Pairs (3 wood)
  • Sun pm – Open Singles (2 sets of 9 plus tie-break). Entrants would also be expected to be marker on a rota basis.

Members entering the drawn leagues will be allocated into a team with the objective of making the teams as equally matched as possible. The open pairs will require two members to enter as a team. If you wish to enter any of the leagues please use the following link: Indoor League/s Entry Form .Entries will close on 3rd October. It is planned to start the leagues in November. If any member does not have access to the club website please ring Peter Mackenzie on 07810 394737 who will make the entries for you.

Membership fees
Indoor membership fees are now due and renewal notices will be sent out shortly for those that have not already paid. Rink fees will remain at £1.25 per hour or part hour.

Thank you for the huge response to our questionnaire which gave us a lot of feedback to work with. Despite the restrictions, we believe we have created enough bowling opportunity for most members to get involved and receive value for their membership fee.

Thank you again for your support during these strange times.

Management Committee
Fairford Bowling Club
14 September 2020