To round off the season on a high we played our final Sunday league game on Saturday 21st September  (rearranged) needing to win both rinks and by 9 shots to win the title. We did this in style with Nig Cansdale’s rink winning a close fought game 19-17 and Jim Luce’s rink putting on the style to win 38-7. Meaning we win the league on shot difference. Congratulations to all participating players throughout the season on achieving a first for Fairford. Unfortunately our B team have returned to division 4 having endured a competitive season. Go again next year boys!

Since entering the league 4 years ago our A team have finished as follows:

  • 2016 div 4 – runners-up
  • 2017 div 3 – Winners
  • 2018 div 2 – Winners
  • 2019 div 1 – Winners

This tops off another great outdoor season for Fairford Bowls Club!



Gloucestershire Sunday League Review 2019!