Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Update from Management Committee 24th March 2020


Fairford Bowling Club Update

The Coronavirus outbreak is seriously affecting our everyday lives and the club took the early decision to cancel the indoor season, postponing all outstanding games and social events, effectively putting the club into lockdown.

We are aware that members will want to know the current situation, particularly regarding the outdoor season which was due to start soon.

Green Opening

The original green opening date of 19th April has been provisionally moved back to 1st July. This date may well change as we will follow government advice and want to protect the wellbeing of members. In the meantime, members should NOT attempt to roll-up on the rinks as they are ‘out of bounds’ until the green has officially been declared open.

Membership Fees

As the 2020 outdoor season will be severely curtailed the club will not be charging outdoor fees this year. Many members have already paid outdoor fees and we would encourage those yet to renew to do so as we will deem these monies to be pre-payment for the 2021 outdoor season. The club still has outgoings to meet and this will help the club financially with no other income coming in. If anyone does need their outdoor fees back the club will make a refund.

Outdoor Rinks

We will endeavour to keep the outdoor rinks in a good condition ready for when the season does get underway. Rinks will be mowed weekly and we will only use the contractors when needed.

Bar Stock

Following our recent request, members rallied round and bought most of our bar stock. Thank you for your support on this as it will certainly help the club’s cash flow over the next few months.

We will try to keep you regularly updated by e-mail and on the Club website:

Thank you for your patience, we will try to get bowling back underway as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.


Management Committee
Fairford Bowling Club
24 March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Update 24th March