Coronavirus (COVID-19)
MEMBER UPDATE – Outdoor Rinks Limited Opening
2 June 2020

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MEMBER UPDATE – Outdoor Rinks Limited Opening

The government is now allowing participation in outdoor sporting activities for exercise and well-being and the Management Committee have arranged to make the outdoor rinks available on a limited basis from 1 June. The objective is to enable those members who wish to roll-up the opportunity to do so safely. Access to the club will be subject to the current government guidelines and members will need to adhere to new club procedures whilst the restrictions apply. Full details of the procedures can be seen on the club website but a summary of the key points is listed below:

Visiting the club

  • Members must not visit the club if they have a high temperature, persistent cough or have been in contact with anyone with the symptoms within the last 14 days.
  • Members must adhere to government guidelines on social distancing at all times.
  • We recommend members arrive ready to bowl to minimise need to enter the clubhouse and then take all their equipment home afterwards.
  • Spectators are allowed at the club, provided social distancing rules are observed.
  • Whilst the club management has made every effort to minimise risk it is up to individual members to decide whether it is appropriate for them to visit the club.


  • The only access to the clubhouse is through the single controlled door overlooking the green. The entrance from the car park will be locked. This will help control access to the clubhouse which should only be one person at a time.
  • The clubhouse is only to be entered to retrieve bowling equipment and use of toilet/hand washing facilities.
  • No changing is allowed in the changing rooms. Please take your equipment home with you so that you don’t need to access the changing rooms again.
  • All other areas of the clubhouse are ‘out of bounds’ including the changing rooms.


  • The toilets are available to be used by members but ladies are advised to use the disabled toilet near the entrance door.


  • To control numbers visiting the club, members must book a rink/time through the club website. Do not just turn up and expect to play. If any member cannot access the internet and wishes to book a session please ring Peter Mackenzie 07810 394737 who will assist.
  • Members must adhere to current government guidance-“You should only play with people from your own household or by yourself or, as long as you stay two metres apart, up to five other persons from outside your household.
  • Only 3 rinks will be available per day either Rinks 1, 3, & 5 or Rinks 2, 4 & 6. This is to help maintain social distancing between groups of players.
  • Mats and jacks will be stored in disinfectant trays within the bus shelter seat locker. The mats and jacks should be put back into the trays after every session.
  • Only one player should handle mat during play. Two jacks (one at each end) should be used and should be set by one player throughout the session.
  • Other bowling equipment e.g. scoreboards, pushers, measuring sticks, chalk etc are not to be used.
  • Only roll-ups permitted – no competitive games.


  • Please wash and sanitise your hands before and after play.
  • If you enter the clubhouse please clean any surfaces you have touched.

Please read the full guidelines from Bowls England on the website before making an on-line booking. We apologise for the long list of rules and procedures but we are trying to keep members as safe as we can whilst allowing those that want to enjoy the benefits of some bowling.


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Management Committee
4th June 2020


Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Update 4th June 2020