After a very protracted season we are very pleased to report on the completion of all indoor competitions for the 2019/20 season

Knockout Competitions

As is usual all the finals were keen contested affairs with both the 2-wood and the drawn pairs going down to the last end. Congratulations must go to all our finalists for completing the competitions in the most difficult of circumstances.

New for this year and due to COVID-19 limitations was the addition of camera coverage for the finals that was able to display all 4 end of rinks on the TV in the bar simultaneously, giving the viewer an unprecented view of the far ends. generally agreed to be an impressive addition by those present. Well done to Peter Mackenzie for moving the CCTV and to providing a proof of concept for video coverage.

On Sunday George provided basket meals to members as desired. Thank you George.

Mens Singles –

Winner: Nigel Cansdale
Runner-up : Peter Stinchcombe

Open Pairs -

Winners: Nigel Cansdale & Peter Stinchcombe
Runners-up: Ken Sawyer & Tim Bloomer

2-wood -

Winner: Nigel Cansdale
Runner-up: John Davies

Ladies Singles –

Winner : Liz Davies
Runner-up: Pauline Tuckey

Drawn Pairs -

Winners: Tim Bloomer & Sarah Ryan
Runners-up: Andy Piggott & John Davies

Never Won Trophy -

Winner: John Davies
Runner-up: Peter Mackenzie

Indoor Leagues

The indoor leagues have been completed to the stage where winners and runners-up have been decided. Thanks to Tim Bloomer for calculating and scheduling the important deciding fixtures and to the members who were willing to complete them. Congratulations go to the following teams:

Mon-Tue Afternoon -

Winners: Team Leo D'Elia
Runners-up: Team Jack Clarke

Mon-Tue Evening -

Winners: Team Ken Sawyer
Runners-up: Team Peter Stinchcombe

Ladies Wednesday League -

Winners: Team Sylvia Bannister
Runners-up: Team Pauline Tuckey

Thur-Fri Afternoon -

Winners: Team Leo D'Elia
Runners-up: Team Ed Tuckey

Thursday Mens Rinks -

Winners: Team Brian Morley
Runners-up: Team Ed Tuckey

Friday Evening -

Winners: Team Ken Sawyer
Runners-up: Team Denzil Vellacott


Club Indoor Finals